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Seiya Takeda (CEO)

Seiya is the co-founder and CEO of V-KAIWA. His previous experience includes academic tutoring at UNSW, USYD, MACQ University, along with corporations such as Commonwealth Bank, Telstra and Microsoft. He has also studied 4 languages and has worked internationally in China, Hong Kong and Japan. He also has prior startup experience at a prior Catalyst in Residence at UNSW, Caitreā€™d.

+61 421 867 732

Joey Li (CDO)

Joey is is the lead designer at V-KAIWA with over 10 years experience in the field, having built and sold his own design company for $3m at the age of 21, and past design experiences at Pixar. Past corporate experience at EY has also granted him with a better understanding of business needs of international workers when adapting to Australian company culture.

+61 413 067 469

Daphne Shen (CTO)

Daphne leads the tech development as the CTO of V-KAIWA. She has studied over 6 languages and taught for over 4 years in English and Japanese. She is also an academic tutor at UNSW, worked at Macquarie Bank and TechSydney. She has also taught classes teaching AR and VR app development to audiences both at UNSW, USYD, UTS and General Assembly.

+61 468 557 351



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