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Beyond Textbooks

The gamified experience means you don’t need to memorise endless pages to learn.

Native Speakers

Practice discussion with real people, rather than listening to a CD or a teacher for hours.

You’re In Charge

It’s up to you. You have the power to control what you want to learn and when.

Motivate Your Students

Virtual worlds enhanced with interactive objects are bound to capture their attention.

Engaging Classrooms

Virtual Reality provides better results through simulation and immersion.

Customised Environments

Endless options to change your environment. Teach history in Mexico, not in a classroom.


Our Virtual Reality Language Solution

Choose from over 100 scenarios across multiple languages

V-KAIWA will prepare you with practical language you need so you can enhance your study, work and travel experience

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V-KAIWA tick all the boxes – engineering rigour, startup experience and cross-cultural insights and language skills. They are the right team to do it. I’m proud that they were a part of our first batch of Innovation Dojo teams.

Joshua FlanneryInnovation Dojo


Yoshinori SakunoDoq (As Quoted from Nichigo Press)

(V-KAIWA) is attempting a problem that has impacted people in Asia for many years using the latest technology.

Yoshinori SakunoDoq (As Quoted from Nichigo Press)


Ayumi MizoshiriInnovation Dojo

V-KAIWA is establishing an advantageous service for online, face to face English conversation lessons that haven't been done before. I highly anticipate V-KAIWA in the future.

Ayumi MizoshiriInnovation Dojo

I've always told my students that the best way to learn English is to link it to something you love. Games and virtual reality are very popular for many in the AP region so it makes sense to build a language platform there. This novel and practical application of VR technology by V-KAIWA could make it the next big thing in education.

Jason Khohmochiwa mochiya


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