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From products and packaging, to installations and media, turn your physical and digital properties into an interactive experience for customers.


We offer three core language branches covering: Exam Preparation and Academic Language, Business and Formal Language, and Conversational and Informal Situations. This structure is deployed through the multitude of languages we offer, ensuring there is a course that suits every student no matter what stage of growth they are currently at.

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With strict screening to ensure prior experience and quality teaching style, V-KAIWA teachers are fully trained and understand how to utilise Virtual Reality to maximise student engagement and learning. They work exclusively with students to help achieve learning outcomes, provide individualised feedback and encourage students to learn and grow in a safe environment. Lessons are easy to organise and located on the University of New South Wales campus.

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Looking to create a digital uplift on your current coursework? With over 10 years in teaching and experience redesigning traditional language learning courses to incorporate Virtual Reality for major universities, V-KAIWA offers course redesign work in any language. We work together with you to increase retention, engagement and student outcomes whilst still maintaining the integrity of your content.

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